A Failed Experiment


Unlike the South, the US is not a "nation;" rather, it is a failed leftist experiment. I do not believe our Founders intended it to be such, but nonetheless it has become that. And as such, it should have no appeal for true Southerners. Indeed, it should have no moral purchase on our loyalty. 

The US has bound its identity to the Enlightenment idea of Liberal Democracy and all that it entails. Moreover, it has compounded the problem by willingly and wittingly committing to transforming itself into a multicultural, polyglot Empire in which democratic institutions are manipulated by the ruling elite for the benefit of favored groups. 

As I look at my precious children and grandchildren, I shudder to think what will happen to them and their descendants when they become the numerical political and actual demographic min0rity. Revenge will be a commonplace occurrence  as our Folk are attacked and robbed of life, liberty, and property with impunity in the name of Social Justice or some other fabricated Right of Man. Will the rights of our children and grandchildren be protected by the new regnant majority who are not products of Western Christian civilization? Or will a majority of wolves vote to devour a minority of sheep? I think you know the answer. 

We Southerners must embrace a new paradigm. We must get "out of the box" in which our enemies have placed us in. We must have a new organizing principal: Organic Nationalism. It is the answer for the South if we are serious about the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people. That means the rejection of the status quo of living in an empire that sucks our lifeblood. 

For our self-preservation we dare not cast aside the vote or the idea of the "consent of the governed" for monarchy or dictatorship. We must instead re-define along the lines of Organic Nationalism the political and social entity to which we belong - the Southern Nation. In that entity, our interests and moral principles will hold sway, and we can determine who gets to be called "citizen" and who exercises the right to vote and participate in other civic matters. No more being ruled by alien, universalist elites. No more kowtowing to the interests of a globalist agenda. The Southern Nation will be run by Southerners in the best interest of Southerners. Will that not be a glorious and blessed day? 

-Dr. Michael Hill