Southern Mama Raisn' Em' Up Right; 15 October 2019


Every day I see women that proclaim they are proud Southern females; born and bred. However, their actions are anything but Southern and their families wreak of their reconstruction. 

This has recently become a close issue to my family. As a homeschooling mother of four boys, it is my job to make certain that our children grow up well adjusted. We have bible study twice a day and mandated curriculum for five hours, then onto teaching them about their ancestral heritage via cooking or discussion, even some YouTube videos serve their purpose during these times. Sprinkle in doctor appointments and errands, our time runs out quickly, each day. 

Wanting for my boys to have friends, to have those “people skills”, I branched out to a local “church” in hopes that we would find that there. What we found was anything but. The first shock-and-aw for me personally was the fact that children were in church, for service, wearing gym shorts, t-shirts and gym shoes. What happened to “Sunday best”? I look to the mamas for insight and the majority are wearing slacks, jeans, tank tops with spaghetti strings and flip flops … in church. IN CHURCH! Maybe it was just the churches I attended as a child, but a female should be dressed in at least a mid-calf dress or skirt with a nice blouse and nice close-toed shoes. I then continued on in the direction of the sanctuary where I ran into unbiblical couples and people, as obvious as the color of my skin, that did not belong in a “Christian” “church”. Let us not forget the gift shop and the coffee shop. 

We obviously will NOT be returning to said place of perpetual sin. 

Where are the mamas that teach their children traditions? I feel as though any time I speak to any parent of a potential friend of one of my children … it’s an interview:

· Are you a churchian or Christian?

· One or two seedlines?

· Do your children frequent the daily indoctrination station?

· Do you pump your kid full of poison?

· Where is your family from? 

· Do you expect your child to have manners?

· If I come to your home on any given day, would I be surprised as to your visitors?

· Is your home clean?

· Does your entire family look like you?

· Do you teach your children to say a prayer before breakfast, dinner and supper? 

· Family time?

· During supper do y’all sit around the table together?

· Is your child expected to clean up after themselves?

· Does your son play with Barbie Dolls?

· Do you teach your children they have a God-given right to bear arms? 

· Do they know how to shoot?

· Fishing?

· Cooking?

· Read scripture?

· Do you have good/decent family members to surround your family with or friends that have become family and act as such?

By the time my parent interview is over, I typically don’t want my children breathing even near theirs. Call me pretentious, I could care less. Our children are a gift from God and we have an obligation to raise them as He sees fit, not as society sees fit. 

We are lacking as mothers. In my opinion, I don’t believe some should even call themselves mothers. Perhaps, birther would suite your situation better if you do not cook, clean, feed your children spiritually or emotionally or in any way teach your children to be decent human-beings. Our responsibility is to show them the path, give them all the tools they need, not just have a child become a parasite in their own community due to lack of parenting. 

We are His children and we should act accordingly. 

-Southern Mama